Restored version of Adele's Dinner is here!

Restored version of another famous Czech film is here.

At the end of March, all fans of Oldrich Lipsky and his humor can look forward to a new, remastered version of the film Adela jeste nevecerela (Adele's Dinner). This brilliant Czech work newly gets English subtitles, which for the time being were missing for all DVDs. The film is directed by Oldřich Lipský, who also directed Lemonade Joe, Marecek, Pass Me the Pen!, or a previously remastered The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians.

Adele's Dinner belongs without doubt between the Czech classics.

It is a comedy with elements of parody and crime drama and is wonderfully balanced. Theatrically were gathered Miloš Kopecký, who again plays the villain, Michal Dočolomanský in the role of a detective, and memorably Rudolf Hrušínský took the role of a policeman. The performance, which this group of brilliant actors shows, is unforgettable. If you're among the fans of Czech films, this is without doubt a must see.


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