Last week after singer Karel Gott passed away, Czech culture has been hit by another unfortunate event. Vlasta Chramostova, a film actress, a signatory of Charter 77 and a longtime member of the National Theater, died on Sunday, October 6 , at the age of 92.
 She is known for her roles in films such as The Cremator/Spalovac mrtvol or Havel’s Leaving/Odchazeni. "I have lived three lives - acting, dissident and return time," she summed up her fate recently. Vlasta Chramostova was well known to the public mainly for film The Cremator/Spalovac mrtvol or Sekal Has to Die/Je treba zabit Sekala. She has been a member of the National Theater Drama Ensemble since 1991.

In 1998, President Vaclav Havel awarded the Order of T. G. Masaryk III. Class of Merit for Democracy and Human Rights. The actress's fate was marked by historical changes. Between 1941 and 1945 she studied at the State Conservatory in Brno, during the Communist era she played on the first stage and in a number of films such as the Red Glow over Kladno, the satirical comedy White Lady and Spalovac Mrtvol, shot by her husband, cameraman Stanislav Milota (who died this February). As she denied Russian occupation and signed Charter 77, she was not allowed to perform publicly. She played at home for her friends the so-called residential theater. She returned to the scene after November 1989, and also made the film Kure Melancholik or the TV film P. F. 77. After her return, Chramostova also appeared in several series such as Hrabenky and Vypravej. Often, she recalled documentaries, such as the Theater of Defiance.

Vlasta Chramostova shone in the roles of the following films:

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