Best Czech comedy on DVD Zeny v behu / Women on the Run

Zeny v behu/Women on the Run/Jogging for Love 

Vera (Zlata Adamovska) had a wonderful life with her husband Jindrich. She is determined to fulfill his last wish - to run a marathon! This emancipated and vigorous mother of three daughters sees no problem with it. They simply divide the route into four parts and cover the more than 42 kilometers as a family relay-race. Although none of them has run a meter yet and there are only three months remaining until the start, but coach Vojta (Vladimir Polivka) has prepared a great fitness plan. Let’s get started. 

Nevertheless, the daughters don’t seem much interested in running. They have completely different concerns. The eldest one, Marcela (Tereza Kostkova) faces the every day troubles of her three sons . Their father Karel (Ondrej Vetchy) has been unable or unwilling to propose to Marcela for twenty years. The middle Bara (Veronika Khek Kubarova) longs for a child, but she has not found the right father yet. However, her biological clock is sounding an alarm. And the youngest Kacka (Jenovefa Bokova) has a boyfriend, but there’s a catch - he has wife. Although Kacka knows that their relationship has no future, she doesn’t want it to end. It is obvious that the daughters currently have completely different priorities than running. An eccentric mother Vera must therefore give her all to bring the family relay through a series of obstacles and comedic complications to the start of Jindrich's dream marathon. Running is exactly the same as real life. It is important to hold on and not give up when the target is within the reach…

New Czech film and again it’s comedy. This time, however, it is without a doubt a brilliant comedy that will entertain everyone. It's been a long time since I last cried with laughter at the cinema. Martin Horsky with his perfectly refined screenplay and direction surpassed all of his works. The performances of all actors were absolute match for their film roles. Bolek Polivka, a coolheaded man in the miniature role (it suited him well in the urn) and Tereza Kostkova, always wisely over things of calm ignorant Ondrej Vetchy. Well, I could "feel" from the screen that all the actors, including great Zlata Adamovska, literally enjoyed it while filming, except for the run. Probably the combination of screenplay and direction in one person was the best for the overall result of the work. Congratulations, Mr. Horsky. It is obvious that Martin Horsky is a man in his place and over the years he has created a manuscript of pleasant comedies, which film by film raises to the next level of quality.

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