Very interesting movie Leto s gentlemanem / Summer with Gentleman

Anna (Alena Antalova) and her husband (Igor Bares) spend every summer in a cottage area near Prague. They have been married for a long time, so their relationship has slipped into routine and stereotype. The husband spends the time gambling with his friends in the pub and making models from matches. His wife is almost invisible to him. Anna enjoys a few days every summer by meeting with her friends, colleagues from work, who come to the beautiful central Bohemia for cycling trips around the Kamyk Castle. One day a man Artur (Jaromir Hanzlik) appears in the village. He is an elegant charming gentleman who is, as everyone assumes, the new owner of the local castle. The castle is more like a ruin, but the lord of the manor has great plans for it. Arthur and Anna fall in love. Anna is now experiencing feelings long forgotten. Arthur is gallant and pays her attention. Anna is increasingly escaping her life-style reality towards romantic trips and adventures…

It is a pity that a lot of Czech films are distributed with only Czech subtitles. Luckily, for Czech film lovers it is not an obstacle, as many subtitles can be downloaded for free on the Internet.

I like Jaromir Hanzlik very much, so I was curious about his screenplay debut as well as his performance. Since it was a debut, I would forgive a few mistakes, but for my taste there were too many of them. Some story lines made no sense as well as the camera and cut. The characters are pretty boring and implausible. Every actor tries so hard, that it results in overacting their characters. Nevertheless, the film left a positive effect on me, as well as the exterior locations that encourage audience to visit them. The older generation will certainly appreciate this film more than the younger one.

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