Director Mádl has another film hit - Na strese/On the Roof

Professor Rypar (Alois Svehlik) provides temporary shelter to Song (Duy Anh Tran), a young Vietnamese boy whom he has found hidden on the roof of his house. But can two so different men live together, or will it end in a disaster? Will their bold plan help? The coexistence of an old unfriendly man, who is angry at the world, and a young man seeking a way out of a desperate situation in an unknown city, brings many disputes, tragicomic situations, and also surprising ideas and solutions. Because everyone desires a feeling that one is needed. And Song needs, besides warm clothes and a roof above his head, someone to trust him. But is it possible to trust an unknown boy? Professor Rypar has an attempt to do so even at the cost of occasionally putting aside his principles and expanding his roof a little. But can Song really return that trust?

I liked Madl's directorial debut five years ago, Let's Go to the Sea, so I looked forward to his further work. I feel sorry that he was struggling with the production of the film (the tragic death of Jan Triska, who was originally cast in the lead role). Fortunately, the film was completed after a long break, and the result is very good. Madl found a great support in Alois Svehlik, who excellently took on the lead role of a solitary grumbler. You will like the former professor of Czech language, Rypar, despite his obvious character defects. I've seen on several film websites this film compared to Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino” (mainly for its thematic similarity), but I'd rather compare Svehlik to the perfect Jack Nicholson in the comedy "As Good as It Gets". The Vietnamese young man, who plays the second starring role, also made a great performance. Other characters in the film have no significance for the story line, which is a bit pity, but Svehlik's creations are enough for the audience. I also praise a great camera work and the film music by René Rypar. It is a bad luck that this film was played simultaneously with "Women in Run" in Czech cinemas, which was more successful among the audience.

This film is just brilliant.


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