Amazing movie Teroristka / Shotgun Justice

The main character of the black comedy Lady Terrorist is Marie (Iva Janžurová), a retired teacher who is fed up of being treated like nobody. If even the mayor (Tatiana Vilhelmova) does not help her against an arrogant local evil creator (Martin Hofmann), she gets a weapon and decides to take the law into her own hands. Soon, however, she realizes that murder is both morally and practically difficult - despite the fact that her ex-pupil, currently on probation (Pavel Liska), gives her valuable life advice: "Crime just looks simple, Mrs. teacher, but then always something goes wrong."

I have not expected anything from Czech film in recent years and so I was pleasantly surprised. And what’s more, the Lady Terrorist finally managed to entertain me. Normally, I wouldn’t think that the message of the film was ok. Motto “If you don't know what to do, solve it with a gun" just seems too much, but in the film it is a hyperbole and in black humor style. And in the end, it is brilliantly chosen theme. What I find disappointing is the fact that director Bajgar does not know what genre he should stick to. So the film jumps from drama through black comedy to a totally absurd grotesque and decently confuses the viewers.

A very likeable acting ensemble can definitely draw attention and thanks to the actors, despite some shortcomings, I rate the film 8/10

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