The one who loved you / Ten kdo te miloval

Police captain Kalina (Pavel Reznicek), a loving husband and father, becomes a victim of a car accident. From the point of view of a ghost, he monitors his own death investigation. There are many humorous and unexpected situations, because his family leads the investigation more successfully than members of the police force…There are small indications that everything may not have been as it seemed. Marital trust is broken, just a few photos and words and Vanda (Sona Norisova) suspects that her husband may have been unfaithful. Two sons, mother Vanda and grandmother (Eva Holubova) start the investigation on their own. Vanda meets Kalina's supposed lover Irina (Livia Bielovic) who wants her to do what Vanda's husband, Cpt. Kalina promised and did not finish. There is an unexpected escapade of events with a clear purpose to unravel the truth. The family introduces the matter to their friend, an impractical general practitioner (Hynek Cermak). The key material leaves Kalina's safe by a nosey mother-in-law, gets into the hands of an unsuspecting doctor and flummox the police. In the end, with the help of her sons, Vanda deciphers a password-protected file on her husband's computer, which will not only answer her questions of distrust, but also help to solve the last case of Cpt. Kalina.

The film is primarily in a pleasant pre-Christmas mood that can be felt through the whole film. And it doesn't hurt that the main character dies at the beginning, so the family is (of course) quite sad. But it doesn't disturb the plot, because everybody gets involved in the investigation and everyone comes up with different thoughts. So much for the pros. I was expecting this movie to be a trouble, but it was really surprising in a positive way. This film is supposed to be a comedy, which assumes humour - but that is somehow missing. If you aren’t laughing just because you see bald Hynek Cermak as a long-haired rocker, you won't find much fun in the movie. There are two police officers on an observing mission with bird names, so there’s confusion when they report to the radio "eagle here, eagle here". Humour is rather forced, sometimes even embarrassing. The film unfortunately follows the trend of bad Czech comedies with constantly repeating cheap jokes. Next to that even interestingly written characters like the widow or the main witness fade. Of course, even if the "bad humour" wasn't present, this film could have never become Christmas classic story, but it could have been a good winter story.

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