Intimate Enemy / Duverny nepritel

Andrej (played by Vojtech Dyk) works as a programmer in an international company, developing so called intelligent houses, which are supposed to bring revolution in living. Houses are controlled by voice and provide luxury living for its tenants as well as security. Andrej is responsible for finalizing the project. Together with his wife, ambitious sculptor Zuzana (Gabriela Marcinkova), they move into a functional prototype, a luxury glass and stone house in the middle of a beautiful countryside. What at first seemed like a fairytale slowly but surely changes into a nightmare.

It is hard for me to rate this film, but I would say it’s slightly above average. The film has a great tension that perfectly graduates at the end. Overall, Karel Janak's work was surprisingly surprising because I know him as a director of teen films. Gabriela Marcinkova played her role very bravely and, together with the cameraman, created an incredible work. Other actors’ performances are average or below average. Although the film is coherent, there are a lot of inaccuracies in the script.

For Czech cinematography, film Intimate Enemy is an original work, which is definitely worth watching.

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