The last film from the series and better than ever - Trabant: There and Back Again

The film Trabant: There and Back Again definitely proves that there is no need for expensive off-road vehicles to travel around the world and experience one of the most touching returns.

The great journey around the world ends! This was the last journey, which closes the travels of yellow Trabant cars across continents in a great style. There is no woman on the team this time. The wandering of pack of men with their leader, Dan Priban, often goes wild. This yellow circus goes home from India. The expedition overcomes the Himalayas and dictatorships, breaks altitude records and also flees from the police. Although it might be tough sometimes, the international Czech-Slovak-Polish crew fights any struggles with black humor, self-irony and sometimes on the edge of political correctness.

The bravest yellow odyssey has pushed boundaries not only geographically but also technically. And it serves us everything in a much more lightweight style than in previous parts. It gives us a nearly two-hour view at the most beautiful scenery of the Himalayas, as well as the clumsiness of the Indian nation and the ignorance of any system there. I only have to reprehend the length of 114 minutes. Long scenes about problems on the road are certainly interesting, but at the end everything was suddenly rushed. We've seen the journey through the Silk Road ten years ago, but in this documentary it seems as if the filmmakers realized that they've already reached the cap and ended it during the best part. The feeling that we suddenly transported ourselves from the borders of Pakistan to Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, seemed strange to me.

The overall result of the film feels absolutely fine and is definitely best part of the loose pentalogy.

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