The Remastered version of The Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich

After a long time, we can enjoy a restoration of one of the best war films by director Jiří Sequens - film Atentát (The Assassination).

It is Czechoslovakian classic from the period when our films were the best in Europe, and in the whole world. Again, a lot of familiar faces were gathered in this film, which shows an important moment in our history. You will not be bored any time and everything is presented with calmness and deliberation. The film is a mandatory lesson of history as a helpful advice for those, who do not know it, and a great spectacle for movie lovers.

It is known internationally as one of the best directed films about the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich.

Dramatic events surrounding the assassination of one of the most powerful men of the Third Reich Reinhard Heydrich is undoubtedly the Czech gem that is worth seeing. It shows an interesting view about resistance movement, thanks to which the Great Britain and France withdrew their signature under Munich Agreement in response to the subsequent terror of the occupying power.In addition, the film also shows the place where the assassination took place, which is also valuable, as the later construction of Prosek road has changed the place a lot. The brilliant performance of the actor Radoslav Brzobohatý, Rudolf Jelínek, Luděk Munzar, Jiří Kodet, and others will undoubtedly make it an unforgettable experience.

Atentat DVD English subtitles


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