The National Film Archive has decided to restore the best treasures of Czech cinematography.

A real surprise has become the newly restored Švejk (The Good Soldier Schweik and I Obediently report). Schweik is the work of Jaroslav Hašek, that is world-renowned. It is a story of a plain but cunning man who with nonchalance goes through an era of Austria-Hungary war. The stories of this soldier can amuse the viewers across generations since humor is really simple and snappy.

Schweik is a Prague merchant with the dogs. We can follow him on his way. After the Sarajevo assassination he is arrested, investigated and over time through the diagnosis of compulsive freak drafted into the army. He gets to jail where his superior compains about Schweik as his personal servant, and when he loses him at cards, he becomes a trouble of Lieutenant Commander Lukáš. In the sequel, we follow Schweik on the frontline, where is one of the most famous scenes.

The Best Adaptation of Schweik

Many phrases from this work (writing and drama) has become popular. In the film by Karel Steklý plays the main role brilliant Rudolf Hrušínský. The family of Hrušínský ranks among the best actors from history to the present in the Czech Republic, and so it is not surprising that the main actor plays his role very well. The work of director Karel Steklý is considered as the best adaptation of The Good Soldier Schweik and I Obediently report ever filmed and is completely unforgettable.


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