Lemonade Joe or Horse Opera / Limonadovy Joe aneb konska opera

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Lemonade Joe or Horse Opera / Limonadovy Joe aneb konska opera
Set in 1885 Arizona, Stetson City is a hotbed of moral decline where the locals indulge in whisky and the Trigger Whisky Saloon is dominated by a cunning gang of outlaws. Owned by Doug Badman (played by Rudolf Deyl Jr.), with Tornado Lou (Květa Fialová) providing lewd entertainment, and natural born gangster Horác, aka Hogo Fogo (Miloš Kopecký), devising his sinister schemes. The last stand of righteousness in this corrupt town is held by pharmacist Ezra Goodman (Bohuš Záhorský) and his daughter Winnifred (Olga Schoberová). One day, a representative of the Kolaloka company, Joe (Karel Fiala), arrives on a white horse, intent on offering the alcoholics a chance at redemption with non-alcoholic lemonade. It's clear that the alcoholics won't give up their ways easily.

Product Details DVD
Length 96 min.
Production Year 1964
Audio Czech, English
Subtitles Czech, English
Format DVD (PAL)
Region ALL

Product Details Blu-Ray
Length 96 min.
Production Year 1964
Audio Czech, English
Subtitles Czech, English
Format Blu-Ray
Region ALL

Director Oldrich Lipsky
Cast Karel Fiala, Rudolf Deyl ml., Milos Kopecky, Kveta Fialova, Olga Schoberova, Bohus Zahorsky, Josef Hlinomaz, Karel Effa, Waldemar Matuska, Eman Fiala, Vladimir Mensik, Jiri Lir, Jiri Steimar, Karel Gott

Also Known As:

Czech - Limonádový Joe aneb koňská opera
Argentina - Joe Cola Loca
Australia (festival title) - Lemonade Joe
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Лимонаденият Джо
Brazil - Lemonade Joe
Colombia - El pistolero a go-go
Czechoslovakia (Czech title) (short title) - Konská opera
Czechoslovakia (Czech title) (short title) - Limonadovy Joe
East Germany - Limonaden-Joe
Denmark - Limonade Joe
Finland - Limonadi Joe
France - Jo limonade
Greece (reissue title) - Joe, o lemonadas
Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) - Joe, o tromokratis
Hungary - Limonádé Joe
Iran (Persian title) - Joe Limoonadi
Poland - Lemoniadowy Joe
Portugal - Limonada Joe
Soviet Union (Russian title) - Лимонадный Джо
USA - Lemonade Joe
West Germany - Limonaden-Joe
World-wide (English title) - Lemonade Joe
World-wide (English title) (complete title) - Lemonade Joe or Horse Opera
Yugoslavia (Serbian title) (theatrical title) - Revolveras iz Arizone

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