Pripad mrtveho neboztika  - The case of a dead deceased Review

A comedy that makes fun of criminal investigation films and TV series. The film uses clichés of crime fiction genre, and so the plot, which the viewer already knows from a million similar crime films, became a breeding ground for verbal humor and an absurdly graduating plot. Major characters are Major Prubner (David Novotny), his new colleague Skalova (Hana Vagnerova) and detectives Rorys (Martin Pechlat) with Dymak (Lukas Prikazky). Their order from the chief detective Dratek (Miroslav Taborsky) is clear - investigate the murder of an official. Gradually, our criminal investigators find out that she was a successful blackmailer, so someone got rid of her. Unfortunately they don't have many clues. It's clear that the murder motive is revenge. In addition, Dratek gives Major Prubner only a week to find the killer, otherwise he will be demoted!

By Czech standards, The Case of the Dead Deceased is a good comedy. Sometimes one laughs from the heart and when leaving the cinema you definitely don't feel bad about paying for the ticket. Novotny, Vagnerova and Pechlat perform great. In this time of films and series, where the only task is to earn money, but the artistic impression falters, this film is a rare exception. Czech parodies have always been of a high standard, and The Case of the Dead Dead only confirms this. I had a lot of fun watching this film and I hope to watch more similar films soon. I understand that this style of parody may not suit everyone, but I give this film 7.5 / 10 points.

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