New comedy movie - Two brides and one wedding !

Two brides and one wedding

When speaking about Czech cinematography, we feel like the quality has been declining lately. Nothing compares to the old classics like What About Having Spinach/Coz takhle dat si spenat , Four Murders Are Enough, Darling/Ctyri vrazdy staci, drahousku, or Marecek, Pass Me the Pen!/Marecku, podejte mi pero!. If something remasters and its really good quality, it usually releases with no foreign subtitles or in a wrong format (Region 2).

The only watchable comedy film in a long time for me was this one - Dvě nevěsty a jedna svatba (Two brides and one wedding). Compared to another relatively new film “Věčně tvá nevěrná” this one was a balm to the soul.

I must admit it was the biggest surprise in a long time for me. I was expecting romantic cliché, failure jokes and average cast. But the film sparkles with wit. Of course I would find scenes I didn’t like as much, but overall I was impressed.

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The humor plays an important role. Even more important than the romantic story. Anna Polívková did an amazing job, as always. I enjoyed watching her and Jarda side by side. As for the ending, I didn’t mind it either. Even though it reminded me a typical predictable Hollywood films. At the beginning I couldn’t get used to the commenting voice - I donť really like this kind of narration. But because it was mainly funny comments, I got through it. Dvě nevěsty a jedna svatba is an above-average film compared to what todays marketplace offers.

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