Czech Television came up with an absolutely extraordinary movie - Dukla 61

Dukla 61

Czech Television came up with an absolutely extraordinary two-parts film after a long time.

Despite the fact that this film sells only in original Czech version with Czech subtitles, I definitely recommend watching it. “I’m a miner, who’s more?”

A story from times when people lived in socialism, worked in capitalism and when the very last ones of the last ones became the first ones. This two-parts TV film tells a story of an elite miner and his family in the second half of 20th century when the greatest mine catastrophe happened.

I haven’t been touched by a film this much for a long time. David Ondříček created a film based on true story and it bears fruit. The dialogues seem exceptionally real. Martha Issová did a great job trying to speak in local dialect. The whole plot is very much credible, and you have to hold your breath at some scenes. You secretly wish for happy ending because the main characters made you feel for them.

Dukla 61 Czech film

The film leaves a weird feeling inside of you. This is what I feel like a good film should have. You finish watching but at the same time you can’t stop thinking about it.

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