Ludek Munzar dies at age 85

The sad news aired into the actor's world on Saturday, 26th January 2019: Ludek Munzar dies at age 85. He was a great actor and husband of another legend, Jana Hlavacova (80). The last farewell to Ludek Munzar will be held by the National Theater on Friday. There will be certainly present many colleagues of his and grateful TV and film audience. 

Ludek Munzar was born on 20th March 1933. He was a husband of actress Jana Hlavacova and a father of actress Barbora Munzarova. Munzar spent his childhood in Smirice near Hradec Kralove. He graduated from Higher Agricultural School in Hradec Kralove and wanted to become a military air fighter. However, his second love was acting, which soon prevailed. He started to play during his studies in the Young Stage in Hradec Kralove.

During college, Munzar enjoyed work on television. Right at the beginning of its broadcast, he worked there as a television announcer. Television also provided more space for his acting career. After graduation from DAMU (Theatre Faculty), he began to appear in small film roles. The more important ones came in the 1960s. He played for example in Jiri Sequens’ film The Assassination/Atentat or in Coach to Vienna/Kocar do Vidne from Karel Kachyna, where he played one of two German deserters. As a careerist functionary, he appeared in the drama Zert (The Joke), based on the novel by Milan Kundera. In the 1970s he starred in Karel Zeman's The Sorcerer's Apprentice/Carodejuv ucen, where he gave his voice to the narrator and to the little Krabat. He also received awards for male actor performance at the 25th Czech and Slovak Film Festival Bratislava. In 2012, Munzar was awarded the Thalia for Lifetime Championship. 

His other most famous roles:

1956 – Dedecek automobil/Vintage Car (mechanic Projsa)
1968 – Zert/The Joke (Pavel Zemanek)
1974 - Thirty cases of Major Zeman. He appeared here twice - once as an SS physician in the work of Fire Enthusiasts, and then in the role of the priest in the work of The Cross Way
1982 – The Third Prince/Treti princ (King of the Lion's Land)
1985 – Synove a dcery Jakuba Sklare/Sons and daughters of Jakub Sklar (Jakub Cirkl)
2003 – Policeman's Humoresque 1. 5x DVD/Cetnicke humoresky 1. 5x DVD (lawyer Perina)
2017 - Temnota detske duse/The Darkness of the Child's Soul (Mr. Laing) - his last film

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