Gump - a dog that taught people to live

A story of dog’s truth, love, and hope. "I'm Gump and I was a stray dog ..." In fact, every dog is a bit stray in itself until it finds its luck, and the dog will only find luck with a man. My story is about finding a dog's luck and about obstacles and traps on the way to the right person. It is about the strength and steadfastness that lurks in every dog. Yes, also in yours, in your chihuahua, which is waiting for you all day before you come home from work. Even in that bulldog who is scurrying behind you and barely catching his breath. I will give up my soul that if someone in this world wanted to hurt you, only then you will realize how strong your dog's heart is and what his love for you means. This movie will open your eyes, because what a person destroys in dog's heart, only a person can heal.

Family movie directed by F.A. Brabec about the world seen through the eyes of a stray dog Gump. A world many of us do not know much about. About how animals see us and how important our world is to them. The world that gives them home, strength, hope ... and also pain. An adventurous story of real dog heroes and the people around them. "At first I didn't know what to do with you, and now I don't know what I’ll do without you."

The cast is quite diverse. We can look forward seeing Bolek Polivka, Eva Holubova, Karel Roden, Ivana Chylkova, and youtuber Fatty Pillow, actress Patricie Pagacova, musician Richard Krajco. This is a solid animal movie with nice shots of the Czech landscape and decent musical accompaniment.

Interesting fact - dogs in this movie are mostly from shelters with no training. Several of them found new homes with staff members, including the F.A. Brabec family.

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