From the Creators of all or nothing - Prilis osobni znamost / Too personal acquaintance

Natalie (Petra Hrebickova) is a happy single woman in her thirties. She has a great career and long-term best friend Simona (Tatiana Dykova). Unfortunately her life has just turned upside down. After a divorce, Simona tries to come to terms with the fact that her 11-year-old son is going to live with his father (Lubos Kostelny). She meets an eccentric artist Viktor (Janko Popovic Volaric), for whom she becomes a muse. However, Viktor is obsessed not only with Simona, but also with sex, which at first looks like a dream paradise… Natalie's life is taking a new direction. When she meets a charming businessman and a widower Marek (Branislav Trifunovic) and his daughter, love comes soon after. Their life is almost idyllic, except that their relationship is under the scrutiny of Mark's mother-in-law Eva (Eliska Balzerova), who was used to helping with her granddaughter's upbringing. Now Eva finds out that she has to find another meaning in life in order to feel happy. Getting to know a charming musician (Predrag Manojlovic) could mean a new beginning.


I was looking forward to this film because the opening song by IMT Smile and Nikol Stibrova was a nice radio song that stays in my head after listening. Marta Ferencova makes Czech romantic Cliché in general, and here it was Cliché for me again, even though the end was way more dramatic than I’ve expected. Not that you couldn't watch the film, but the first half was quite weak. The second part already had a charge and everything that can be expected from the film. If the film is supposed to be watched to relax, then it is good enough, but I would not consider it as a magnificent piece of art. The performances of Vilhelmova and Balzarova are great and very funny. Overall, I would rate the film as average, maybe above average.


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