Award-winning film Vlastnici (Owners)

Mrs. Zahradkova (Tereza Ramba) and her husband (Vojta Kotek) idealistically desire to save the old crumbling house where they live and which they share with other owners of flats located in it. The newlyweds Bernasek family (Jiri Cerny, Maria Sawa) are enthusiastically joining the idea of saving the house. Mrs. Roubickova (Klara Meliskova) pedantically checks the proper conduct of the meeting. Mrs. Horvatova (Dagmar Havlova) comments on everything with initiative. Naive Mr. Svec (David Novotny) represents his mother, who is in hospital. Mrs. Prochazkova (Pavla Tomicova) and Mr. Novak (Ondrej Maly) are looking for ways to enhance her property. Mr. Nitransky (Andrej Polak) would like to buy the attic and Mr. Kubat (Jiri Labus) consistently sabotages any decision. And in the background there are Cermak brothers (Krystof Hadek, Stanislav Majer) waiting for their chance to make the most of the situation. Only the old professor Sokol (Ladislav Trojan) has not commented on anything yet…

If someone is looking for a film about a typically Czech mentality, they have just come across it. After watching the film, I wanted to call Ha-Ha! that's so accurate. Havelka in his new feature debut rocked! The script, the leadership of the actors, the sense of timing, the fun itself - everything works and together they form a brilliant conversation and I laughed a lot.

Of course, it is mainly thanks to the actors who were able to portray that Czech mentality. Labus's cynical redneck behavior is accurate, and perhaps everyone in the Czech Republic knows such a neighbor as well as a local gossiper like Havlova. Meliskova beautifully portrayed a punctual person who ensures legal requirements be met, and without whom it is perhaps impossible to live in the Czech Republic. There is no need for words about Mrs. Tomicova, because everyone needs such a person. It is clear that at every meeting there must be a person who owns a company and who would, for example, provide it all cheaper, which Mr. Maly also played great. Acting performances simply fit the actors in general and are practically everything the film has become.

The film is fun. And if you're not looking for a soulful work of art, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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