Az po usi (Head Over Heels) and its continuation

Old acquaintances are entangled again Head Over Heels in romance, humor, love beyond grave, hysteria and helplessness - scenes from everyday relationship life are now even more believable, funny, but at the same time they put their characters in more unpredictable and often quite cruel situations. Whether it's their bedrooms, offices or favorite bars, there is something in every part of their lives that we can safely recognize ourselves. Even more tangled emotional storyline, in which you laugh and cry with the characters, carry all the (un)imaginable troubles of modern relationships. Simply put, everyone searches one another - and sometimes they find them in someone else's bed.

After a successful first series, I did not expect any miracle. The first series was popular with both Czech and foreign viewers and I wasn't surprised. The second series - as usual, isn’t as good as the first one. Thus, at least the first four parts are embarrassing. They are definitely not boring, they are a little different thanks to the new characters, which will definitely bring the series to life. Cermak surely surprised everyone in his role, and at times you will really laugh a lot thanks to his role. Many people criticized the fact that the story takes place in winter and in the mountains, however, for me it certainly did not seem disturbing. The second series is not entirely brilliant like the first one, but it definitely has a good camera and overall I enjoyed watching it.

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