Dusan Klein, a Czech director and scriptwriter, died on Sunday.

Dusan Klein, a famous Czech director and scriptwriter, died on Sunday. He was 82 years old, his son David announced.

Dusan Klein graduated from the film school FAMU in Prague in the 1960s and became a director. He made his feature debut with a grim drama Mistenka Bez Navratu (1964). He became famous for his comedies - the comedy How the World Is Losing Poets was a great success in 1982, followed by the sequel How Poets Are Losing Their Illusions, How Poets Enjoy Life, The End of Poets in Bohemia, How Poets Never Lose Hope, and How Poets Wait for a Miracle.

Klein's movie about an anti-alcohol hospital Good Pigeons Returns / Dobri Holubi se Vraceji, and movie Yes, My Dear Friends are also well-known.

In the 1990s, he shot Andelske Oci, Konto Separato, and Pribeh Kriminalniho Rady. However, better known are his TV shows: Sins for Father Knox, Sins for Detective Viewers, Married Drownings, Strazce Dusi, Trapasy, Cukrarna, and Rodinka.

Klein was also an occasional actor, appearing in the TV shows Trapasy, Ulice and Sins For Father Knox and in movies Celebrity s.r.o., How Poets Enjoy Life, and The Last Train.

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