A new Czech absurd comedy Shoky & Morthy: Posledni Velka Akce / The Last Big Thing

Shoky and Morthy are longtime friends and aspiring youtubers. However, Morthy is no longer amused by their childish pranks, thanks to the influence of his girlfriend Sara, an ambitious influencer. When the boys' latest video meets a wave of criticism on the internet, their channel stops earning money and it looks like their final breakup. The only chance to fix their reputation is a plan for a "last big thing." Shoky, Morthy, Sara, a quirky ghost hunter Lucie and a vacuum cleaner salesman (and an unsuccessful youtuber) Radomil set out on a wild highway ride to unravel the mystery of the Nine Crosses.

If you long for something original and absolutely beyond the pale, I highly recommend this absurd comedy. I admit that I am not impartial, because I just love Stepan Kozub, promising actor from my hometown of Ostrava, and I also really like this kind of humour. It is that kind of humour that vast majority of people find embarrassing.

It's not as narratively "clean" as The Greedy Tiffany/Nenasytna Tiffany, or Growroom/Pestirna, but it's undoubtedly funny, imaginative, handy and well-played. I loved Tomas Magnusek's performance. Nevertheless, Stepan Kozub with Jakub Stafek as the main characters is the absolute top. A combination of low-budget horror and a comedy buddy movie, which absolutely won me over, especially with its sophisticated reflection and clever mockery of today's greatest criminals - youtubers. The director and scriptwriter Andy Fehu becomes an author of confident and distinctive genres, that do not need to be just compelling copies of more famous and successful patterns.

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