Denicek Moderniho Fotra / Modern Father’s Diary

I was really looking forward to this movie as well as for Jiri Madl and Tereza Ramba. They were the perfect choice for me. The movie is based on a book by Dominik Landsman, writer, blogger with great sense of humour and father, who primarily writes about experiences with his son. You can see him in the movie in the role of a taxi driver.

Sometimes life accidentally puts you in a situation you don't expect, and you must deal with it like a man. Natasa and Dominik become parents. They didn’t plan it. Natasa, a successful toy designer, can better secure the family, so they agree that Dominik will take over the main part of the newborn's care as a father on maternity leave. He approaches the task with a somewhat naive idea that it will give him enough time to finally write a book he has been planning for a long time.  Far from it! Dominik has to use all his ingenuity to manage the care of little Cenek during the first year, which at times turns into a struggle for survival. Nevertheless, thanks to living with the small person, he also discovers how many forms love can take…

Jan Haluza's debut has nice gags, it can entertain and also impress. It has an excellent orchestral music by Ondrej Brousek and a great camera and editing. Madl engages his good comedic talent and Tereza Ramba impresses with her extraordinarily mature acting and breathtaking charisma. She is currently one of the best Czech actresses. Between the flood of below-average comedies, it seemed like a gem to me! However, single people and childless people may approach this movie in a completely different way, and the movie may seem like an unfunny parody of their relationship. Anyway, it's worth watching and I recommend it to anyone, especially to parents.


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