Czech Cult parodies. Top 5 best and most interesting movies!

Czech parodies are ones of the best. Lovers of good films are fully aware of this, and so they often demand these works. It is no wonder that the best movies deserve remastering.

Among the most favourite surely belong Adele Hasn't Had Her Dinner Yet, Four Murders Are Enough, Darling, Who Wants to Kill Jessie?, You Are a Widow, Sir, The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians.

Adele Hasn't Had Her Dinner Yet

The transfer of one of the dominant characters of the classic detective story to the late Gothic Prague with beautiful, even comic-book pictures of bad guys is the source of always-increasing humor and thrill. A great parody of detective Nick Carter, a funny Czech comedy and a full-length advertisement for Pilsen beer. The quality of the perfect actors’ trio Docolomansky-Hrusinsky-Kopecky is beyond discussion. However, equally classic is the humorous smugness of always hungry flower Adéla. There's never enough of good comedies. Especially if they are top-level.

Four Murders Are Enough, Darling

With every following watching of this film, I enjoy it and have to appreciate its creativity more and more. There are perfect gags, individual funny situations, or central linking of comics to film. And a chapter itself is the casting, where I enjoy famous comedians even in the smallest roles. Already a myriad of acting legends: the giggling suspect mass murderer Leipzig, the dull policeman Libicek, choleric commander Filipovsky, caring landlady Mrs. Rosulkova, Janzurova as a gang boss disguised as a priest, lisping gangster Kemr, or Hlinomaz alias Gogo. It is clear that every lover of Czech films must have this film in their collection.

Who Wants to Kill Jessie?

It is a very unusual movie for its time, especially for its amazing visuals. Crazy sci-fi plot with unbelievable Dana Medricka and greatly drawn Sovak who undergoes a nice character development. Mensik in a small episode role is also great. It is a perfect Czech film, something very hard to see these days. The message of this film, that dreams cannot be destroyed or dictated, is very brave and futuristic. But overall, film feels very funny and parodic. Schoberova, Visny a Effa really look like a characters from a comic book pages. Karel Saudek who made all the illustrations for this film, also gave to it his unequaled character.

You Are a Widow, Sir

This film has probably the most crazy plot in the history of Czech cinematography. It has broken the border of genius, and it is difficult to guess what comes faster. Whether it is a flood of turn events, absurd dialogues or a mountain of crazy gags. Wonderful Iva Janzurova is easily switching between characters. Milos Kopecky, Jiri Sovak, Jan Libicek, Vladimir Mensik or sadistic Helena Ruzickova, they all excel in their roles. The screenplay is a masterpiece. This film belongs among the best ever made.

The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians.

The last of the five breathtaking parodies is the Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians. Anyway, it's one of my favorite films and as we say in the Czech Republic, the best eventually. The movie comes from the workshop of master Oldrich Lipsky. Incredibly witty movie that draws lightly from Jules Verne's legacy, but really just lightly. Kretschmer and Hartl are like my neighbours, Kopecky has returned with full verve to the days of Hogo Fogo. I haven’t seen a more mad scientist than Rudolf Hrusinsky, Docolomansky’s Teleke from Tölökö is an action star that you have to cheer for, even if it is such a buzz. Brodsky's servant is of the Bolton family, always ready for everything, but my personal favorite is Toma Hluchonemec. It's all written with exaggeration. Absolutely perfect and who has not seen it can not understand.

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