Newly remastered czech movies

Bohemian Picture release another set of newly remastered movies on DVD.

You can look forward to the classic Czech family adventure trilogy: Pod Jezevci Skalou, Na Pytlacke Stezce, Za Trnkovym Kerem.

It is a great pity that these movie classics are not with Czech subtitles, but certainly many of you remember these beautiful family movies.

Pod Jezevci Skalou

The adventures of a Prague boy in a gamekeeper's lodge in the middle of beautiful Bohemian Forest (Sumava). The boy's name is Vasek. His parents have to leave him with his grandfather, gamekeeper Straka, who lives alone and doesn't know his grandson at all, because he hasn’t been in contact with his family for a long time. Even now, he doesn't like the fact that he should take care of his grandson. On the very first day, Vasek almost burns the cottage when he tries to boil eggs. Nevertheless, Straka’s resentment is reconciled by Vasek's immediacy and his interest in nature and animals, so he takes him on his gamekeeper’s errands and shows him beauty of the winter Bohemian Forest. When they are tracking a fox, Straka's dog chases badger to a burrow. Badger blocks the way back to kill him. Vasek and Straka will experience dangerous moments when trying to rescue the dog, which will eventually bring them together... 

Na Pytlacke Stezce

The second part of the free trilogy. Little Vasek does not want to go on vacation to Bulgaria with his parents and therefore he comes up with a plan: he flees before they leave and secretly goes to his grandfather, a gamekeeper in the Bohemian Forest. Of course, this is a big trouble for the young boy, but finally Vasek achieves what he wanted. He can stay with grandpa and experience new interesting forest adventures ...

Za Trnkovym Kerem

The last part of the free trilogy from the Bohemian Forest, closing the events of the gamekeeper Straka and his grandson Vasek, main protagonists of the previous two parts. This time, Vasek comes to his grandfather in the beautiful Bohemian Forest to spend another unforgettable holiday. His naïve look at nature is changed as he grew older. He learned from his grandfather how to understand the life and laws of nature. Now he understands that nature needs to be protected and is trying to do so in a childish way. His attempts are causing a number of comic situations, which are source of Straka’s troubles and concerns.

The main role in this trilogy is played by the legendary Tomas Holy.




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