Another Perfect Czech Movie Narusitel

An exciting and emotional story of Czech flying ace, his friends and the boundless love for flying. That brings the movie Narusitel. The lives of army pilots in socialist Czechoslovakia are filled with the intoxicating moments of freedom in the clouds and friendship for a lifetime. However, their lives were also disrupted by the watch of state security and its secret informers. Four friends and their flight mentor fly together and serve in the air force for twenty years. But then, after a long time, a death of a former RAF pilot who attempted to fly west begins to unravel. The main character has no other way than to imitate his attempt to flee the country. "You are an intruder, follow me," are the words that he himself often reports to the radio, forcing those who set off to the west for freedom in the air. Now he must go through the same desperate escape.

Too bad this movie is without English subtitles. My review may be slightly influenced by the fact that I was surprised by the director's age. The fact that someone, who was born in 2000, is able to attract names such as Kostka, Dvorak or Zindulka to his film is definitely a success.

I consider the film to be exceptional, though I would find some glitches. The storyline goes from 1960 to 1989 and is riddled with sometimes illogical and shallow dialogues. In addition, the actors seem to have failed to show any aging, most likely due to a low budget. The whole movie is filmed as a cinematographic flying love letter, causing about 15 minutes of aerial scenes that have no other important meaning in the movie. But if the script permits in a few moments, the duo Dvorak / Zindulka can play a rather impressive scene and from a clearly technical point of view the overwhelming aerial footage is well managed.

I’m not sure if I would go to the cinema to see the movie once again, but overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere of the peculiar story.

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