Halloween and Czech scary movies

Although there are very few and most of them are weaker horror movies, Czech cinema can still offer some scary movies.

To this day, I remember seeing the movie The Cremator/Spalovac for the first time. The Cremator with its gloomy atmosphere and the incredible acting performance of Mr. Hrusinsky, gave me the creeps. I don't remember when a movie gave me the shivers like this one, even though almost nothing scary or disturbing happened there. Hrusinsky's mere presence made me afraid whenever he appeared in a shot. The highlight is a scene of a funeral speech at the approaching conclusion. Top film quality, the possible re-viewing of which is a more or less beaver scout badge of courage.


Zombies and vampires in Czech movies? Why not! When our master of horror movies Juraj Herz takes over the direction based on a short story by another horror enthusiast Josef Nesvadba, the result is a sci-fi horror about a car powered by human blood, Upir z Feratu (Vampire from Ferat).  A car racer Mima has the opportunity to drive an exceptionally high-quality car, which, however, works on unusual fuel - human blood. Only her friend Dr. Marek is aware of the danger to anyone who gets involved with car manufacturer Ferat ... 


Beauty and the Beast/Panna a netvor - a fairy tale? A fairy tale that is definitely not for children. Another of the movies by Juraj Herz, which looks scary but also magical at the same time. Juraj Herz was our European Hitchcock. And Petr Hapka had amazing musical ideas, so it goes very well together. So the movie is definitely not a fairy tale for children, but it's impressive. The bird mask is great and I really like Vlastimil Harapes and Zdena Studenkova in this film. It's just as interesting that at the end of the 70's a technically well-mastered film with so many effects was created! That's why the movie didn't get old.


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