A distinctive and unique film Kour / Smoke

"Musical of the Totalitarian Age" is the subtitle of the film KOUR, which was based on the director Tomas Vorel’s second legendary school film IING. (1985), which has undergone many changes. In fact, only the storyline remained: a young engineer arrives with the intention of working, but this turns out to be a shocking fad in the bizarre circumstances of recent years of the totalitarian era. Mirek's unusually normal attitude sets the course of "local" history into action, and so social evil (personified by incompetent bosses) is currently overthrown by a justly indignant crowd, and new orders are set up, which, however, in many ways are beginning to resemble the old ones. Tomáš Vorel worked on the script with Lumir Tucek from the Recitation Group Forward. The film has poetics typical of this community: the intertwining of serious with not serious, irony with admiration, reality with bizarre, fact with absurd.

Fine, fine ... and brilliant movie. 

An original Czech film musical that moves on the thin line between genius and film kitsch and almost never crosses it in the wrong direction. In my opinion, Vorel doesn't make “normal” films. They are always interesting, shocking, non-standard. Kour flawlessly shows the absurdity of a time when practically nothing is done, while working on 100 percent or more. I understand that the category of viewers who have experienced Communism may enjoy the film even more, but this is simply an iconic film that will certainly appeal to younger generations. The cast is also absolutely fantastic, and I can't imagine how much fun the main protagonists had to enjoy in making such an absurd film.

If I had to rate the film, I would give it 100% because to invent someone like Arnostek…

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