A nice fairy tale from the director Dusan Rapos - Kdyz draka boli hlava (When dragon gets a headache)

Barborka and Tomik spend holidays with their grandparents in a blacksmith’s workshop under a Dragon rock. A small two-headed dragon Cmoudik helps there too. One day, the children plan to spend the night in a cave together with the dragon. Accidentally, they discover an old map on a cave wall and Cmoudik, whose one head speaks Czech and the other Slovak, begins to tell a thrilling story about a Kingdom of Dragon. He tells the children about a great love of Princess Adelka and Prince Janek, about a curse and a terrible dragon, evil sprite Blivajz, and also about a mystery of a Forget-me-not Meadow, lost dragon egg and a pair of kangaroos. Do you wonder when the dragons dance hip hop, how they celebrate Christmas in a dragon cave, what magic power has dirty dragon tooth and why the dragon gets a headache?

Overall, rating of this fairy tale is very low, but for me it certainly deserves more than 2 points out of ten. The beginning is a bit boring, but the rest of the fairy tale has left a positive impression. The story is imaginative and quite different when I compare it to the typically known themes full of Cinderellas and devils.

Many complain that Karel Gott speaks Slovak here. Well, why shouldn’t he speak Slovak? In some films, actors even speak fictional languages and nobody cares. After all, Slovak language is our second mother tongue - at least for some generations. For me, Gott is not a distracting element, but it is a nice change and fits into this fairy tale.

Another negative in the reviews is the animation of the dragon. Nevertheless, I find it cute and friendly, some cartoon passages are more than great. Of course, the animation cannot be compared to American ones, but for Czech standards it is quite decent.

In summary, I would say that this fairy tale is very nice and worth seeing. I’ll certainly watch it again.

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