The Most Beautiful Czech Fairy-Tales 3x DVD / Nejkrasnejsi ceske pohadky 3x DVD

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The Most Beautiful Czech Fairy-Tales 3x DVD /  Nejkrasnejsi ceske pohadky 3x DVD
Sleeping Beauty / Jak se budi princezny 
When Dalimil and Eliška welcome their daughter Růženka, it is a momentous celebration, as she is no ordinary child. She is the princess of the Pink Kingdom, where Eliška is queen and Dalimil is a just ruler. The only one not rejoicing is Eliška's elder sister, Melánie, who is consumed with envy and anger. According to tradition, she should have been queen, but Dalimil fell in love with Eliška, and Melánie lost the coveted crown. Filled with malice, Melánie curses Růženka, decreeing that on her seventeenth birthday, she will prick her finger, fall into an eternal sleep, and the entire kingdom will slumber with her. The king orders the princess to be guarded and tries to remove all sharp objects from reach. As her seventeenth birthday approaches, he decides to marry her off to break the curse. He chooses Prince Jiří from the Midnight Kingdom, but Růženka falls in love with his younger brother, Jaroslav. Though Jaroslav usually yields to his arrogant, foolish brother, this time he resolves not to let him win. An unexpected accident causes Jaroslav to lose a bet for the princess's kiss, but clever Růženka soon uncovers the truth about Prince Jiří's so-called heroic deeds and refuses to marry him. On her birthday, as the curse takes effect, only one person can break it. Defying his parents, Prince Jaroslav sets out to the enchanted kingdom to save her.

The Incredibly Sad Princess / Silene smutna princezna 
A whimsically sad fairy tale filled with beautiful songs, this musical story is another gem from director Bořivoj Zeman, who previously gained fame with "The Proud Princess" and "Once Upon a Time, There Was a King." "The Incredibly Sad Princess," starring singing stars Helena Vondráčková and Václav Neckář, has retained its charm to this day. Two allied monarchs agree that it would be beneficial for their children to marry each other. However, when royal offspring don't want something, they can be very stubborn – even to the point of risking everything. The always cheerful princess suddenly becomes terribly sad, and the young prince? He even ends up behind bars! But what kind of fairy tale would it be if it didn't have a happy ending? And so, in the end, everything turns out just right.

Three Nuts for Cinderella / Tri orisky pro Popelku
Three magical hazelnuts hold secrets that allow Cinderella to transform herself. One moment, she becomes a skilled archer in a green tunic riding a horse; the next, she is an unknown princess whose beauty leaves even princes breathless. With the help of her enchanted hazelnuts, Cinderella finds her path to happiness. Despite all obstacles, the prince finds his beloved thanks to a tiny slipper that fits only Cinderella's foot.

Product Details DVD
Length 83+83+84 min.
Production Year 1968-1977
Audio Czech
Subtitles Czech
Format DVD PAL
Region ALL

Director Vaclav Vorlicek, Borivoj Zeman
Cast Helena Vondráčková, Václav Neckář, Jiří Sovák, Milena Dvorská, Marie Horáková, Libuše Šafránková, Pavel Trávníček

Also Known As (AKA) 
Czech Republic - Šíleně smutná princezna
East Germany - Die wahnsinnig traurige Prinzessin
Hungary - A nagyon szomorú hercegnő
Hungary - Az őrülten szomorú hercegnő
World-wide (English title) - The Incredibly Sad Princess
World-wide (alternative title) - The Sad Princess

Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Как се събуждат принцеси
East Germany - Wie man Dornröschen wachküßt
France - Comment on réveille les princesses
Hungary - Hogyan ébresszük fel a királylányokat?
Italy - Come si svegliano le principesse
Poland - Jak sie budzi królewny
West Germany - Prinzessin Dornröschen
West Germany - Wie man Dornröschen wachküßt
West Germany - Wie man Prinzessinnen weckt
Czech - Jak se budí princezny

(original title) - Tři oříšky pro Popelku
Argentina - La cenicienta y el príncipe
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Трите желания за Пепеляшка
Czechoslovakia (Slovak title) - Tri Oriešky pre Popolušku
East Germany - Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel
Germany - Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel
Denmark - Tre nødder for Askepot
Spain - La cenicienta y el príncipe
Spain (Catalan title) - La ventafocs
France - Trois noisettes pour Cendrillon
UK - Three Wishes for Cinderella
Hungary - Három mogyoró Hamupipőkének
Italy (festival title) - Tre nocciole per Cenerentola
Norway - Tre nøtter til Askepott
Poland - Trzy orzeszki dla Kopciuszka
Portugal - Três Avelãs para Cinderella
Soviet Union (Russian title) (alternative transliteration) - Tri oreshka dlya Zolushki
Soviet Union (Russian title) - Три орешка для Золушки
USA (TV title) - Three Nuts for Cinderella
USA - Three Wishes for Cinderella
Europe (English title) - Three Wishes for Cinderella
West Germany - Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel

Note for US customers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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