Wishes to Baby Jesus / Prani Jeziskovi or rather a Czech version of Love Actually

Ordinary human stories about what bothers us, what we look for and do not find. They are told with foresight and spiced with apt situation comics. Like in any other Christmas film, there is also a right dose of romance, cliche and sentiment. In the film Wishes to Baby Jesus, a family is trying to reconcile. An irresponsible man, who enjoys the presence of women, finds that there is also a father's and partner's responsibility. A fate sends a happy married couple, who seemingly lack nothing, a little refugee girl from an orphanage. A successful and confident manager has already found his soulmate but introducing her to his parents seems like a nightmare. Two lonely people have already lost believe in happiness and the search for the right one. Now they may get one more chance.

When we saw this film first in the cinema, we really enjoyed it and wished for it to become a traditional Christmas film. The film director Marta Ferencova plays a classic touching play about the fact that at Christmas all wishes come true and follows several different characters with more or less important life stories. Script-wise, it is a bit worse, especially when closing the given courses, but as a Christmas spectacle, which should warm up, it works perfectly. We were pleasantly surprised by the Wish for Baby Jesus. The film is completely natural, as are the acting performances. Maybe it's a coincidence, but we notice that Christmas films with Richard Krajco in the lead role guarantee success and reruns at Christmas time.

The film used 50 Christmas trees, approximately 3,500 Christmas lights and decorations, 170 film costumes, both natural snow and snow made from 40 kg of baking soda, 50 tons of snow scraped during the maintenance of the winter stadium and 40 litres of filling for the snow machine.

Did you know that Jaroslav Dusek took over the role after Jiri Bartosek, who suddenly fell ill? It was Eva Holubova's idea to cast Jaroslav Dusek in the film, and it was an absolutely brilliant one.

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