Wishes to Baby Jesus / Prani Jeziskovi - an unexpected surprise by Marta Ferencova

Ordinary human stories about what bothers us, what we look for and do not find. They are told with foresight and spiced with apt situation comics. Like in any other Christmas film, there is also a right dose of romance, cliche and sentiment.

In the film Wishes to Baby Jesus, a family is trying to reconcile. An irresponsible man, who enjoys the presence of women, finds that there is also a father's and partner's responsibility. A fate sends a happy married couple, who seemingly lack nothing, a little refugee girl from an orphanage. A successful and confident manager has already found his soulmate, but introducing her to his parents seems like a nightmare. Two lonely people have already lost believe in happiness and the search for the right one. Now they may get one more chance.

A big surprise, which we really enjoyed in the cinema. Maybe except for sometimes too convulsive kindness of everyone in the film, but that is how most Christmas films are. I felt all sorts of emotions, and although you may not like all the stories, I thought most of them were very nicely told. This film can be compared to the legendary film Love Actually, but it is definitely made in a Czech way. The cast is well chosen. You can look forward to see Richard Krajco, Jaroslav Dusek, Eva Holubova, Jiri Langmajer, Anna Polivkova, Matej Hadek, Tana Pauhofova and others. The surprise for me is that Marta Ferencova's films have an upward trend. I'm definitely going to watch this film again next Christmas.

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