Timeless movie Erotikon

Erotikon closes director Machaty's extraordinarily intense creative period of 1926-1929, when he managed to finish three high-quality films. The attractive "international" name of the movie and international cast, led by experienced Olaf Fjord and 21-year-old Ita Rina, who were brought from Berlin by the director, were supposed to support a planned appreciation of Erotikon abroad. However, the most significant contribution to the film's future success was the talented cameraman Vaclav Vich, who was able to fulfill Machaty's demanding vision of the visual form of the work. 

The premiere took place in Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary). The Prague premiere was on January 3, 1930. The film was re-introduced in 1933 in the Czech and German sound version with the music by Erno Kostal. Both versions were significantly shortened. Machaty is a master of detail, by which he characterizes the characters in a simple and precise way. Unexpectedly dark and in many ways surprisingly contemporary. The timelessness of all Machaty’s works is undoubtedly astonishing. Ita Rina is an idol even today, unlike many of her contemporaries, which in the contours of that time may now already seem a bit asexual. Great Klusak's music, decent cut and imaginative camera.

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