The Indian - Starring Karel Roden

Ondrej is a tough businessman and an arrogant workaholic. He runs a large, successful company in Prague. The meaning of his life is money. He has just negotiated a deal of a lifetime in Nebraska with a rich investor who will finance a construction of luxury residences on the outskirts of Prague. On his way back from America, the plane flies over a reservation where an Indian chief is being buried. The spirit of the Indian rising to the sky crashes into the plane and inadvertently becomes incarnate in Ondrej. And this spirit has decidedly different ideas about Ondrej's life and values. In the morning at home, Ondrej is awakened by a very insistent voice in his head. A voice that has decided to help him and change him. But Ondrej is not going to give in to the uninvited visitor. Everyday work and family problems take on a new dimension not only for Ondrej, but also for his family and colleagues. An unrelenting, fierce battle full of situational comedy begins between Ondrej and the spirit.

"There is a bad wolf and a good wolf in every human. It depends on who you feed..." I think there is a trend in contemporary Czech comedies to rely on awkward humour rather than intelligent one. However, the comedy The Indian is very different (not only in this respect). Although one can laugh a lot here, especially in the initial situations when Ondrej (as always, the excellent Karel Roden) is confronted with the talking spirit of the Indian White Stag and truly comical situations arise. However, the spirit of the White Stag also utters quite apt life wisdom, whether it concerns man's relationship to nature or interpersonal relationships.

Thanks to them, Ondrej's life is turned upside down, and the viewer can perhaps look in disbelief at the fact that even an otherwise quite silly comedy can have quite a strong idea. Yes, the film has quite a few inconsistencies, but all is forgiven. The main thing is that finally, after some time, an intelligent comedy with an idea has been made. 9/10 

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