Journey to the Beginning of Time / Cesta do praveku now on BD

Journey to the Beginning of Time now on BD

A Czechoslovak feature-length science fiction adventure film that shows the prehistoric stages of the Earth, its plants and animal species. The finding of a prehistoric fossil is a challenge for four quizzical boys. They travel back in time to the ancient past. On a small boat, they are passing the Ice Age through the Tertiary and the Mesozoic Era to the very beginning of life on the planet Earth, experiencing a variety of, often dangerous, adventures.

Karel Zeman's works are a world known phenomenon and we are very pleased to be able to offer this great masterpiece on a Blu-ray Disc.

One of the best adventure films of the world cinema. The beautiful film world of Karel Zeman, with a strong foundation base, designed on the basis of Jules Verne's fantasy novel Journey to the Center of the Earth (it is not a coincidence, other Zeman movies are also inspired by Verne). However, it’s not the center of the Earth, but the river of time, that takes the four boys back in time. The river is a symbol of Zeman's metaphorical path to prehistory. In his time, Zeman came up with an unprecedented trick scenes (combining techniques of multiple expositions, Karel Zeman linked the feature film with an animated film component). Today we see it as a beautifully nostalgic look-back at one of the best Czechoslovak films and at the same time the enlightenment-building concept of endless possibilities of human kind, which was currently divided by the very heavy Iron Curtain. Zeman's films still remain extremely timeless. I have loved Journey to the Beginning of Time since I was a child, and I am happy to watch it today, and I hope that my children will feel about this film the same. It’s just a fantastic film... PS: It sounds unbelievable today that a few years after its filming, Journey to the Beginning of Time, with minor edits, was broadcasted in the United States and raised a huge positive audience response.

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