A legendary trilogy about the Homolka family!


A legendary trilogy about the Homolka family, now available in a collection with English subtitles.

Behold Homolka

A bitter comedy about an ordinary Sunday in the family of a Prague taxi driver.
Ludva Homolka, his wife Hedus, their twin sons and Ludva's parents live in an apartment in Prague. On Sunday, they all go on a trip to the countryside to enjoy healthy air. And there they went - a sovereign grandfather, a caring, but uncompromising grandmother, somehow depressed Ludva with unsatisfied wife Hedus and inquisitive twins. Will they enjoy the walk? The whole day is a bunch of petty disputes and quarrels that seem to be inherent to their lives. This ironic comedy has a strong satirical-critical subtext. We can laugh at Homolka family, but at the same time it is a little frightening...

Hogo fogo Homolka

A new car and a visit to a village bring further family misunderstandings. The second episode of the famous comedy trilogy by Jaroslav Papoušek.
Homolka family bought a car - now they are really a “hogo fogo” family! They argue where to go with the car for a first time - Grandpa and Ludva prefer football match, Grandma with Hedus want to see horse races. The arguing stops when they get a message that their great-grandfather is probably dying. And so the Homolka family goes to the South Bohemian village to say good-bye to the dying great-grandfather. In the meantime, grandfather leaves to see a show, and he and his friends drink to "life which is beautiful". However, the Homolka’s are unaware of this and the atmosphere in the cottage is getting stronger. There are more disputes and quarrels, the boys are bored, and so they throw their caps into a village latrine and angry Hedus, grandmother and great-grandmother have to retrieve them. The great-grandfather is still not returning, so Homolka’s say goodbye to the great-grandmother and set off home. They stop at a pond where Grandma tells the boys how she was drowning there.

Homolka and Pocketbook

The third story about the Homolka family. This time, Homolka’s went for a winter recreation to the mountains, they want to enjoy themselves and spend as little as possible.
Grandpa, grandmother, Ludva, Hedus and the twins are going to enjoy the winter fun in the Radost recreation resort in Spindleruv Mlyn. On the way, they promise to be nice to one another, and whoever breaks this promise will kneel as a punishment. Then, of course, there is a lot of inconvenience and confusion, and this is what partly causes the upcoming cultural officer. Another scene occurs when two married couples demand a change of their rooms with the Homolka family and soon after that, grandfather must kneel. The line of unfortunate events continues, among other things, there is a minor fire and subsequent flooding in the Homolka's room. The help of married couples has only one goal - they still want to change rooms. They even offer money to Homolka. Homolka’s take the money and look forward to spend it. But they argue about how to divide it and then find out that they have lost it. Rushing outside, they rake in snowdrifts and try to find the lost money …

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