Jachym, Throw It into the Machine! in remastered version with English subtitles

Based on Oldrich Lipsky's comedy Jachym, Throw It into the Machine / Jachyme, hod ho do stroje from 1974, we hear for the first time the names of the popular author duo Ladislav Smoljak - Zdenek Sverak. At that time, both were already well-known as authors of entertaining radio programmes. They were preparing for the eighth season of the increasingly popular Jara Cimrman Theatre. They also appeared in smaller roles on the film screen, but their real successes were yet to come. The main hero of their first film story is a shy young man Frantisek Koudelka (Ludek Sobota), who believes that he will be guaranteed success in life if he follows the fitness chart, a "scientifically" compiled overview of his successful and critical days. It is only many years later that he learns that the fitness chart he has been living by was intended for his namesake. In the meantime, however, he has many happy times and incredible adventures... This now legendary comedy is one of the best that was made in Czechoslovakia during the cheerless times of normalisation. It gave a great opportunity to the comedians of the new generation - Josef Dvorak and Ludek Sobota got a successful start here. Sobota established himself for many years in the roles of shy and even foolish young men. The success was, of course, helped by the excellent script, which develops a cascade of comic situations, and also by the great direction, which did not miss a single opportunity to make the viewer laugh.

Finally, another Czech classic has been remastered. Jachym, Throw It into the Machine! deserved the remaster and English subtitles like few other films. In Czechia, we all know it by heart, and yet we always like to watch it again and again. A timeless classic and the role of a lifetime for Ludek Sobota. Along with Marecek, pass me the pen!, there are so many gags and maybe even more memorable scenes in the film.

No matter how good this film is, it can also be said to be ahead of its time. Even predicted the future. Smoljak, Sverak and Lipsky had already described something what is now called biorhythm.

Oldrich Lipsky made one better film than another, but this one is the ace for me. Everything in the film is down to the last detail and there is nothing that disturbs the film in any way. Those who haven't seen it should know that it is a must see. It is one of the essential films of the Czech cinema.

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