Droneman / Modelar

New movie directed by Petr Zelenka tells a story of two friends who run a prosperous drone rental in Prague. The owner of the company and a rapper Plech (Jiri Madl) dreams of big money and unwavering security. A chemist and an excellent air navigator Pavel (Krystof Hadek) has just returned from abroad. He dreams of justice and personal commitment to make the world a good place. Thanks to the drones, together these former high school classmates can look into many areas of human activity. Their clients include a presidential candidate and artists organizing happenings. Drones monitor power plants, carry luxury handbags instead of models at fashion show, or spray the Petrin tower from the air. However, one of these two friends decides to use the drone for something completely different and the situation in the company gets complicated.

I appreciate that the movie transcends the borders of Czechia and follows a current global theme of terrorism through domestic specifics like the Czech legal and political environment. It is not overly serious and at least in some shots it manages to look like a thriller. Pavel is a clear naive idealist. He is rather unclear character and I had no idea how much darkness is inside of him, which kept me in a pleasant tension. Plech formed a good counterpart to Pavel, although he looked like a comic figure at first glance. Hadek and Madl's performances are great. The line between Pavel and a manager from an election staff reminded me of the movie Taxi Driver / Taxikar. Overall I think this movie was very interesting.

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