Czech Food

Recently, Czech delicacies have been added on our website, and it is mainly thanks to you. We have had daily messages with your interest in Czech delicacies and we are glad that we have found a way to transport the goods to you all over the world. And as you seem to have a lot of questions about the food, we would like to answer them in bulk.

Is it possible to send the goods to country X?  Yes, thanks to the DHL shipping company, the package can be shipped worldwide.

Is it possible to change something in the box? Yes, it is possible. Just write to us.

Can I add something to the package? Yes, of course. If you do not choose on the website, write to us.

Is an individual price possible? If you are interested in a non-standard service, just write to us.

Are you looking for something we don't have on the website? Write to us.

What can we not send abroad? We cannot safely send dairy and meat products abroad.

Where can you write to us?

You can write to us at, Messenger Czechmovie, Instagram Czechmovie or Chat on our website

Czech food

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