Adored / Zboznovany - a bittersweet comedy on DVD

Respected pediatrician Zdenek (Jiri Bartoska) is retiring. He has been a renowned hospital doctor all his life. Now he is looking forward to a well-deserved rest. His family is even more pleased that Zdenek is retiring. His wife Olga (Zuzana Kronerova) can no longer wait to take care of him, as well as his daughter Zuzana, who  recently broke up with Karel (Jiri Langmajer). However, the most excited is Zdenek's granddaughter Aneta (Martina Czyzova), who has always considered her grandfather as her great role model and writes a seminar work about him.

However, Zdenek is not as perfect as it seems. He has a big secret. He has had a love affair with orthopedist Dana (Ivana Chylkova) for almost 40 years. And Dana, of course, expects that Zdenek will finally have more time for her now. Nothing is as he planned ... 


I consider director Petr Kolecko to be a good director. Even though everything is not always 100%, I liked the film. It is well-acted - Bartoska, Kronerova, Chylkova, Hrebickova, Lankmajer, Kozub, etc. The actors work perfectly. The film is good to raise the mood. In the first plan, probably a comedy, in the second a rather bittersweet probe into a 40-year marriage with an impact on future generations ...

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