Battalion - drama by Premysl Prazsky on DVD

Dr. Frantisek Uher, an attorney and a well-respected member of Prague society, discovers that his wife is cheating on him. He abandons his career and moves to Battalion, a well-known tavern for the city's drunks. However, due to alcohol addiction, he gradually loses his judgement and sinks into nothingness.

Battalion (1927), one of the highlights of Czech cinema of the 1920s, stands out for its socially sensitive grasp of reality, its thoughtful combination of several storylines and its unconventional depiction of the main character's inner visions. Inspired by the European avant-garde of the time, the film is released with a newly composed original score by the internationally acclaimed composer Krystof Maratka. 

Battalion is undoubtedly one of the highlights of our silent film era, although I find the version from 1937 more psychologically sophisticated, more moving and less spasmodic. This is not a criticism of the 1927 film. The only thing that spoils it a little is the music. Instead of the musical accompaniment underlining the plot "on screen" without overshadowing it, it becomes a distraction at times...

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