Another remastered Czech movie with English subtitles!

Another remaster - Men about Town / Svetaci with Englist subtitles!

Czech movie comedy Svetaci was directed by Zdenek Podskalsky and based on original theme and script by Vladislav Blazek. It is an exuberant and at the same time a bit nostalgic story of three rural facade worker, whose dream was to spend at least one night in a big city. Not only did they devote large sums of money to fulfilling this dream, but in an effort to ensure that no one recognized their profession and simple rural origins, they made a tremendous effort to obtain at least a superficial coating of the chosen behavior and education. The authors of the movie expands this pygmalion motif in a completely unusual way and let it grow into a sequence of funny ideas, verbal and situational comedy.


A trio of facade workers (J. Sovak, V. Brodsky, J. Libicek), who are taught social education by master Mr. Dvorsky (O. Novy), accompanied by three hookers (J. Jiraskova, J. Bohdalova, I. Janzurova) who also want to become real ladies.



One of the most brilliant satirical comedies ever made. A company of great comedians or actors and humor that never gets old. Such a small Czech paraphrase of the original G.B. Shaw's Pygmalion. An excellent example of the "re-education" of facade workers and pub girls, who become nice, well-mannered and educated gentlemen and ladies. Such a small Czech paraphrase of G.B. Shaw's Pygmalion.


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