A phenomenal television series The First Republic’s finale has aired.

It is really over. All fans of The First Republic series can feel blue, because there will be no more episodes.

The television series premiered in 2014.


First Republic 11x DVD Czech TV Series

It focuses on fates of Valenta family, which got rich on war profiteering and moved from the countryside to Podolí, Prague. In this part of the town are only meadows, few old factory chimneys and omnipresent poorness of the after-war period. The presence of Valenta family changed everything. However, not everything was so easy and definitely not without effort. In their own family is a strong rivalry between brothers. There is a secret connected to an attempt to solve a mystery of a pre-war murder. The characters also experience love.

The series is a story of the first (and second) Czechoslovakian Republic and a chronicle of an upper class family. The class that set political and social standards. The spectrum of the main and minor characters is very colorful. The series shows different social classes, from the elite to the workers and peasants. The fates of the main characters also mingle with the events of that time period, and remind the audience of some important moments of the Czech history.

Second season premiered in 2017.


The First Republic II Czech TV Series 4x DVD

The plot begins in Autumn 1928. Jaroslav Valenta (Jiří Vyorálek) returns home from prison and is determined to regain good reputation, respect in society and success in business. Unfortunately, nobody cares about him in the family business. Brother Vladimir (Ján Koleník) runs carpentry, where he benefits mainly from his legionary past and contacts obtained during the war in France. However, a former legionary Martin Klouda after ten years reminds him of a secret that Vladimir would rather forget. In addition to the members of Valenta family, known from the first series, a number of new characters appear - including, for example, Jaromír Valenta’s adult daughters Irena and Eliška, or housewife Marie Píchová, who gets closer with Jaroslav.

The latest series had its premiere in 2018


The First Republic III. 4x DVD Czech Series

The third season of the family saga takes place between autumn 1930 and summer 1931. Thirteen new episodes bring criminal plot and love triangle. The Valenta family must also adapt to the straits of time, which makes them hold together more than ever. Irena gets used to being a wife, but she's still cold towards her husband. He is understanding and patient. Vladimir gets closer with Magdalena and their children are fond of each other. However, he isn’t speaking to his brother Jaroslav, blaming him and Marie for Klara’s death. Eliška ends medicine studies. How does Jaroslav feel about the family arguments? And what happens, when Vladimir drank a poisonous alcohol ... The creators were inspired by the real life of the early 1930s. They were interested in the relationship tension between the Sokol and German Turner gymnastic societies and the increasing swing dance era. The family house in Podolí is a home to Jaroslav Valenta with Marie and his youngest brother Freddy. It is therefore rather complicated to put the family together. The whole season therefore deals with Jaroslav’s attempts to achieve a family reunion.

In my opinion, The First Republic series is the most elaborated series that Czech Televison has ever offered. The second series had a lot of faults, but certainly doesn’t change the overall view of this series. There are not many historical series in the Czech Republic, which are popular for example in England. Exploitation of the atmosphere, costumes, design, all this is flawless. Actor's performances are variable, but overall they are not bad. The detective scenario is very good, the ghost story line is fine, and love drama comparable to Rosamunde Pilcher’s novels. Personally, I like this series and I will definitely watch it again in the future.

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