A beautiful fairy tale with English subtitles - The Watchmaker's Apprentice

The Watchmaker's Apprentice

Above the craddle of a new born boy Urban stood three spirits, who predict his destiny: two good spirits talk about richness and love, but evil spirit predicts poorness and never-ending troubles.  Which prophecy will prevail? Urban soon becomes an orphan. Greedy watchmaker takes care of him and makes him his apprentice. When Urban’s grown up, he falls in love with watchmaker’s daughter Laura and their wedding is fast approaching. The master therefore sends his apprentice into the world with a quest to seek a legendary clock watch, which can warn its user about approaching death. But no one knows, if the clock watch really exists. However, if Urban will not find them, Laura would never become his wife. The Watchmaker’s apprentice sets off to a long journey full of different obstacles and quests, which he must overcame with his braveness, clockwatcher’s accuracy and a good heart. His love to Laura pushes him forward, while three destiny spirits follow in his footsteps. Two of them help him, while the third is up to do no good.

Finally after a long pause there is an original story with an impressive narration and starring. The Czech usually have difficulties to accept new fairytale films. We are used to our old, proven stories, which became a part of our culture. And I think there is no other nation on this planet, more addicted to fairytale films.

This film will probably never become a legend like others but it will be one of those, that the audience will always appreciate.

Rudolfova is not a typical fairy tale director, but her style does not hurt the film. Everything in this film is in a proper place and necessary fight of good and evil is obvious. Performances of actors are convincing. The only mistake in my opinion is an unnecessary dubbing of Slovak actresses. The main theme song is easily recognizable and gives this film bonus points.

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