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Z mesta cesta DVD
Director Tomáš Vorel traces the private escapes of the main characters from the film "Out of the City." This documentary by Tomáš Vorel follows five protagonists, united by their shared love for nature, across different chapters. In the first chapter, we meet Kim, a tramp who sleeps in the woods and wanders through Czech villages. In the second part, actor Petr Čtvrtníček showcases his passion for boats, steamships, and houseboats. Actress Eva Holubová reflects on rural life in the third chapter, finding solace at her countryside cottage. The most remarkable fourth chapter maps the fate of coachman Hruška, who abandoned a promising church career due to his drunken and immoral escapades. Despite his popularity among locals, his employer still sees him as an unreliable alcoholic. The film concludes with the fifth chapter, featuring Bolek Polívka enjoying life on his farm. Kim, the eternal wanderer and lover of the nomadic life, appears throughout the chapters, tying all the episodic stories together. Through the lives of people who left city life for the countryside, Vorel poses questions about the essence of being, nature, and personal freedom. Although some did not entirely leave city life... Vorel authentically captures the village environment, which is close to his heart and serves as his main source of inspiration. The film was made shortly after the feature film "Out of the City," to which the documentary title refers. The main protagonists are the director's friends and long-term collaborators who also starred in the mentioned feature film. This is also Tomáš Vorel's first feature film where he took on the role of the cinematographer, a position he has continued to fill in all subsequent projects.

Product Details DVD
Length 108 min.
Production Year 2002
Audio Czech
Subtitles Czech
Format DVD (PAL)
Region 2

Director Tomas Vorel st.
Cast Petr Ctvrtnicek, Bolek Polivka, Eva Holubova, Jan Vycital, Jiri Hruska

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