Wrong Side Up / Pribehy obycejneho silenstvi DVD

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Wrong Side Up / Pribehy obycejneho silenstvi DVD
What does it mean to "be normal" in a world full of crazies? Petr (I. Trojan) is a thirty-three-year-old airport warehouse worker living in a world where everyone harbors a bit of madness or displays some peculiarity that might not seem entirely normal to others. Sometimes, his furniture comes to life at home, and he earns extra money as a voyeur of his neighbors Jiří (J. Bartoška) and Alice (Z. Bydžovská), who otherwise wouldn't find satisfaction. Petr's father (M. Krobot) is a burnt-out announcer of 1970s newsreels, whose only joy in life is watching bubbles appear on the neck of a beer bottle. Meanwhile, his mother (N. Divíšková) constantly analyzes her husband's mental state and, with a pathological need, sends all sorts of humanitarian aid packages to disaster-stricken parts of the world through Petr. Petr just wants to live a normal life and be happy, which he would be if he could get back with his ex-girlfriend Jana (Z. Šulajová). To win her back, he comes up with completely crazy ideas, leading to one absurd situation after another. The film is based on Petr Zelenka's play of the same name, which premiered at the Dejvice Theatre in 2001 and was translated into five languages. The director decided to adapt it into a film with nearly the same cast, resulting in a successful bitter comedy in 2005, awarded two Czech Lions for sound and for Miroslav Krobot's supporting role. The creators say of their work, where the lines between normal people and madmen blur: True madness is as rare as genius or perfect pitch.

Product Details DVD
Length 110 min.
Production Year 2005
Audio Czech
Subtitles English, Czech
Format DVD (PAL)
Region 2

Director Petr Zelenka
Cast  Ivan Trojan, Zuzana Sulajova, Miroslav Krobot, Nina Diviskova, Karel Hermanek, Petra Lustigova, Jiri Bartoska, Zuzana Bydzovska

Also Known As: 

Argentina - Historias de una locura común
Czech Republic (working title) - Dobrodinci
Germany - Geschichten des alltäglichen Wahnsinns
Finland (festival title) - Wrong Side Up
Greece (festival title) - Istories koinis trelas
Hungary - Hétköznapi őrültségek
Poland - Opowiesci o zwyczajnym szalenstwie
Russia - Хроники обыкновенного безумия
Slovakia - Príbehy obycajného sialenstva
World-wide (English title) - Wrong Side Up
Czech - Příběhy obyčejného šílenství

Note for US customers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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