Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization / base game

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Author: Vlaada Chvátil
Language: English
Year: 2015
Players: 2–4
Age: 14+
Time: 120+ min
Theme: civilization development from ancient till present
Mechanics: card drafting, following leaders, development of technology, colonizing, building wonders & buildings,
recruiting army, aggressions & wars
Awards: 2015 Best Game Reprint – Dice Tower Gaming Award – Winner Man Vs Meeple Approved

This is your chance to make history:
You begin with a small tribe and the will to build a great civilization. Expand your farms and mines to gain the resources to build your cities. This lays the groundwork for technological advancements, better governments, and great wonders. Choose wise leaders whose legacy will lead your people to greatness. Strengthen your army to protect your borders and to expand your territory. And shape history with your political skill.

A strong economy, advanced technology, happy citizens, enlightened government, a strong military - your civilization needs to do well in many areas. You may excel in some, but you should not fall behind in others. Adjust your strategy to the opportunities the game offers. Your rivals will seek advantages through wars and politics, so keep your defenses up. But don’t neglect the finer things in life, because the civilization with the most influential culture wins.

Through the Ages:
What story will you tell?

1 Card Row
1 Culture Board
1 Science Board
1 Military Board
1 Current Age Board
4 Player Boards
179 Civil Cards
150 Military Cards
250 Plastic Cubes in 4 Colors
28 Wooden Tokens in 4 Colors
1 Sticker Sheet
4 Quick Reference Sheets
1 Rulebook
1 Guidebook

expansion available for this game: Through the Ages: New Leaders and Wonders

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