Three Steps from the Body / Tri kroky od tela DVD

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Three Steps from the Body / Tri kroky od tela DVD
Tommy Fikejs and Ferda Říha, eternal students, find themselves completely broke. Their debts are piling up, their landlady is throwing them out, and there's no chance of another loan. Tommy has a wealthy uncle, an automobile magnate, who refuses to help despite Tommy's persistent pleas. Their financial situation is desperate, but in their darkest hour, a notary brings news of the uncle's death and his will. Tommy stands to inherit a fortune if he marries his cousin Aluška. If either refuses, the inheritance goes to the other. The cousins are to meet for the first time in Cannes. Both Tommy and Aluška independently decide to appear repulsive to each other to avoid marriage. However, when they accidentally meet on the beach without their disguises, they fall in love, and a wedding seems imminent, though without the expected inheritance. The notary turns out to be the wealthy uncle himself, who wanted to amuse himself at the expense of his pesky relatives. As a wedding gift, he gives them toy cars.

Product Details DVD
Length 90 min.
Production Year 1934
Audio Czech 
Subtitles Czech
Format DVD PAL
Region All 

Director Svatopluk Innemann
Cast Karel Lamac, Truda Grosslichtova, Vera Skalska, Frantisek Paul, Antonin Holzinger, Jaroslav Marvan, Cenek Slegl, Premysl Prazsky, Jara Kohout, Jan W. Speerger, Kamila Rosenkranzova, Karel Postranecky, Josef Kotalik, Elsa Vetesnikova, Robert Ford, F. X. Mlejnek, Antonin Jirsa, Frantisek Jerhot

Note for US customers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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