The Shop on Main Street / Obchod na korze

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The Shop on Main Street / Obchod na korze
Slovakia during WW2. Tono lives a poor life, but the authorities offer him to take over the Jewish widow Lautman's little shop for sewing material. She is old and confused and thinks that he is only looking for employment and hires him. The odd couple begin to like each other. But some time later the authorities decide that the Jews must leave the city. What should he do with the old lady?

Product Details DVD
Length 121 min.
Production Year 1965
Audio Czech
Subtitles Czech
Format DVD (PAL)
Region ALL

Product Details Blu-Ray
Length 121 min.
Production Year 1965
Audio Slovak
Subtitles Slovak, English
Format Blu-Ray
Region ALL

Director Jan Kadar, Elmar Kros
Cast Ida Kamińska, Jozef Kroner, Frantisek Zvarik, Hana Slivkova, Martin Holly st., Elena Pappova-Zvarikova, Martin Gregor, Adam Matejka, Mikulas Ladizinsky, Alojz Kramar, Eugen Senaj, Frantisek Papp, Gita Misurova, Lujza Grossova, Tibor Vadas, Frantisek Bujdak, Andrej Silan, Anton Balaz, Martin Hajny, Stefan Petrak, Ladislav Farkas, Elena Soltesova, Milan Drotar, Jozef Hatok, Oldrich Kratochvil

Also Known As:

(original title) - Obchod na korze
Argentina - La tienda de la calle mayor
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Магазин на главната улица
Brazil - A Pequena Loja da Rua Principal
Colombia - El comercio de la calle mayor
East Germany - Der Laden auf dem Korso
Denmark - Butikken på hovedgaden
Spain - La tienda en la calle Mayor
Finland - Liike pääkadulla
France - Le Miroir aux alouettes
UK - The Shop on Main Street
Greece - Το μαγαζάκι της κεντρικής οδού
Hungary - Üzlet a korzón
Italy - Il negozio al corso
Mexico - La tienda en la calle mayor
Poland - Sklep przy glównej ulicy
Portugal (original subtitled version) - A Loja da Rua Principal
Sweden - Butiken vid Storgatan
Slovakia - Obchod na Korze
Soviet Union (Russian title) - Магазин на площади
USA - The Shop on Main Street
Europe (English title) - The Shop on Main Street
West Germany (alternative title) Das Geschäft auf der Hauptstraße
West Germany (TV title) - Das Geschäft in der Hauptstraße
World-wide - The Shop on Main Street
Yugoslavia (Serbian title) (literal title) - Prodavnica u glavnoj ulici

Note for US costumers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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