The Price of Happiness / Cena za stesti DVD

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The Price of Happiness / Cena za stesti DVD
Ordinary human happiness can take many forms—sometimes clear, sometimes unexpected. Where do we find it, and what are we willing to sacrifice for it? In director Olga Dabrowská's film "The Price of Happiness," we follow the stories of people who have lost their way to happiness and are trying to find it again. Relationships, love, power, escape, and children who can bring hope and joy, but more often end up suffering for our mistakes. "The Price of Happiness" weaves together the separate fates of several characters, whose paths gradually intersect to form one large story of life. This tangled web includes parents you might encounter every day, their children, and their partners. They often find their happiness unexpectedly, but that’s just part of life! A couple (Vanda Hybnerová and Ivana Chýlková) raises two children in harmony until a man from the past (Tomáš Hanák) disrupts their peace. A violent psychopath (Jaroslav Plesl) demands custody of his daughter from a divorced marriage, while his ex-wife (Klára Pollertová-Trojanová) and her children suffer under his terror. Two teenagers simply run away from their families. A devoted man (Pavel Řezníček) lacks the strength to protect his love.

Product Details DVD
Length 88 min.
Production Year 2019
Audio Czech
Subtitles Czech, English
Format DVD (PAL)
Region All

Director Olga Dabrowska
Cast Ivana Chylkova, Vanda Hybnerova, Tomas Hanak, Pavel Reznicek, Jaroslav Plesl, Klara Pollertova-Trojanova, Olga Wdowiakova, Ladislav Trojan, Josef Trojan, Frantisek Trojan, Jana Sulcova, Johana Rackova, Simona Praskova, Lukas Kunz, David Cerny, Josef Polasek, Vratislav Brabenec, Jan Foll, Ladislav Heryan, Samuel Gyertyak

Also Known As:

(original title) - Cena za štěstí

Note for US customers: It might not play on some US DVD players, Multi-Region and Multisystem PAL/NTSC DVD player is required, Please check your DVD player

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